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We pursue customer-oriented products and services at every phase.

Our commitment to quality and technical strength generates reliable production plants.

Since we started our business from a sheet metal factory to make tofu boxes, we have expanded our opportunities to produce a whole tofu production line. In the aim to realize a customer’s necessary production plant all by ourselves, we have been spurring and cultivating our technological and consultation capabilities.Prior to delivery, we always construct a whole line and operate it on trial in order to confirm that it runs without problem and produces great tofu. In addition to mechanism and electronics of machinery, we have expertise in tofu making processes, which is reflected in our machines. Because of this persistent attitude of us, we have won customer trust and become a good consulting partner.

24/7 technical support We have confidence and responsibility to meet market needs.

Mase's three principles

Customer-driven approaches

Mase’s most important principle in production is “customer-driven” approaches. We try to capture the essence of customer requirements and reflect it to our products, technical knowledge and easy-to-operate systems. From their viewpoints, we always devote ourselves in creating reliable products to offer safety, robustness and even high efficiency. We all make efforts to improve skills and train employees in order not only to realize our customer’s demands but also to offer advanced services.

Thorough support system for claim management

Our tofu shop clients make it a rule to make and deliver tofu on the same day. For the purpose to respect their production schedule, we have established an around-the-clock maintenance service structure to support them over the phone and, in case of emergency, send a technical engineer to the spot even after a defined hour. A wide range of knowledge and sophisticated skill are must qualities of engineers to recover the plant without waste of materials or delay of delivery. We also have a scheme to conduct study meetings to maintain or boost their abilities on a regular basis.

Environmental improvements toward superior quality

We consider that highly-efficient work environment is inevitable to make trustworthy products. All the fixtures and equipments including documents and papers existing in our office and factory, even individual ones, are well organized in terms of storage location and quantity, so that everyone can share and access to the “work tools” regardless of its title or department. This environment allows us to have a common idea that we serve every customer beyond the boundaries of responsibility, making it possible to drive ourselves toward great business and qualified products.